Ellen Page “Happier Than She Could Have Imagined” After Coming Out

You may remember how, a little while ago, Ellen Page discussed how “being in the closet is toxic“. Now she has discussed how coming out made her “happier than she could have imagined” in the latest issue of Malibu Magazine.

Of course, Ellen page came out at an LGBT conference over two years ago, and she said to Malibu that she is a “different person” since then.

Ellen went on to say: “I think even leading up to do it you know something will shift in you, or obviously you know some part of you has already had some kind of a shift to get to that point, needless to say, and you expect to be happier. But it’s more than I could have even imagined. I feel happier than I’ve probably ever felt, and also I’m inspired again creatively.”

“When you feel like you can live as your authentic self in the world, then you get to really authentically create and explore, and you’re filled with this…I don’t know…I guess passion again.”

She also said that following her coming out, she felt “inspired again” and then moved on to discussing her passion for her latest work. The two most recent projects for Ellen have been Freeheld, and the documentary series Gaycation.

“I think everyone working on the entire film [Freeheld] felt this sort of heart investment in the project. And it’s also just the simple fact that you want to have more LGBT stories represented, and obviously we’re seeing that shift, but of course we need more. A big part of making Gaycation, too, is being able to have the community represented and those stories told.”

“There have been so many different kinds of interesting, because the show is about the joys and the triumphs, or just the nightlife or the day-to-day life or what have you, but sadly it’s also about discrimination and the struggles that a lot of people face who are oppressed. So it’s hard, the word ‘interesting’. We were able to film and be a part of the very first public sort of “Pride” celebration in Jamaica, and I just can’t even begin to say how moved and honored I felt to be able to witness that and grateful to the people who allowed us to be there, because a lot of people didn’t want to be interviewed anonymously, or would drop out kind of last minute.”

“Understandably so, because the situation is difficult for a lot of people there. And I guess that was just such a special moment, to have the opportunity to meet people who are just so much more brave or courageous than you could ever imagine being in your life.”

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Ellen Page "Happier Than She Could Have Imagined" After Coming Out
Article Name
Ellen Page "Happier Than She Could Have Imagined" After Coming Out
Ellen Page says she has been "happier than she could have imagined" after coming out.