Ellen Page Has A New Docu-Series: Gaycation

Come February, Ellen Page’s new docu-series will air on Viceland. The show details LGBT struggles across the globe. The trailer shows the actress exploring the way different countries and cultures treat their LGBT citizens and communities. Page brings along her best friend, Ian Daniel, for the wild ride.

The show takes the pair to Japan, Jamaica, Brazil, and the US as they document the difficulties LGBT individuals face and the incremental milestones achieved along the way.

Page told BuzzFeed of the people she met while making the series: “It will blow your mind how extraordinary they are.”

In the trailer, Page talks about how important it is for society to realize and fully accept that being gay is not a choice. “The amount of people that struggle so much because of the shame they feel, or the fear of being oppressed or killed, why would someone make that choice? Why would someone make that choice?”

Page’s friend, Daniel hopes this series will “expand people’s minds and their hearts. I don’t know if that sounds cheesy but it’s just that simple.”

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Ellen Page’s Has A New Docu-Series: Gaycation
Article Name
Ellen Page’s Has A New Docu-Series: Gaycation
Ellen Page has a new docu-series that follows the lives of LGBT individuals around the world.