Ellen Page Talks Coming Out: “Being In The Closet Is Toxic”

Ellen Page spoke recently on her decision to come out, saying how she was motivated by “toxic” emotions to come out of the closet.

Ellen obviously hid her homosexuality for years, but when she really started to gain fame with the success of Juno in 2007, she began to feel the weight of carrying it around.

When speaking to American Way magazine, Ellen said: “I was just done. It’s so toxic to just be hiding; it becomes so consuming without you even knowing it’s consuming you. You become so complacent in this reality you create. It’s like a bucket, and it’s filling up and filling up and filling up — and finally it just spills over. And I felt guilty for not being out for the LGBT community.”

You’ll probably remember that Ellen came out in pretty much the most public way possible, as she went public at the 2014 Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference.

When she spoke about her decision to come out at the event, Ellen said: “I wanted to do it and not make it seem about myself. And I wanted to align particularly with something LGBT-youth-oriented. For me, it was a great opportunity to be honest, to share certain elements of the pain that I went through.”

“Hopefully, that can connect with someone else. The reality is, there are very few young people out as actors, so I was hoping to speak to a lot of the issues so it wouldn’t just seem like, ‘Hey, look, I’m gay.'”

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Ellen Page Talks Coming Out:
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Ellen Page Talks Coming Out:
Ellen Page has spoken out on her coming out, saying that "being in the closet is toxic."