Ellen Page To Star In War Drama Lioness

You might not have heard of the indie production Lioness, which is an indie war drama produced by James Dahl.

Basically, Lioness is based on the life of Lance Corporal Leslie Martz, who was a US Marine stationed in Iraq. The focus of the film will naturally be this part of Martz’ life, where she was part of the Female Engagement Team. During this time, she had two mandates: gaining the trust of the Afghan women equipping them with the skills to be independent while simultaneously extracting information from them about their Taliban husbands.

The film will go on to show that not only was she keeping her homosexuality hidden from her superiors in the US Army, she also found her loyalty torn between the mission and the Afghan women whom she had come to admire.

Ellen Page is the one being tasked with playing this role, which sounds like a very complex role as the battle Martz’ fought was on multiple fronts. Page has proven herself a very versatile actress, and I look forward to seeing how she gets her teeth stuck in to this role.

At the moment, there is no director assigned to the project.

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