Elliot Fletcher Talks Playing Trans Guy For “Faking It”

If you’re a fan of Faking It, you’ll probably know that trans actor Elliot Fletcher is playing Noah, a new transfer into Hester High.

In a recent interview at a recent MTV Press Junket, Elliot discussed what we can expect from Noah in the third season of Faking It with After Ellen.

They discussed quite a lot with him, but there a few key things that I want to touch on here.

The first thing, is when AE asked Elliot if there are any trans men he looks up to.

“I, honestly—which is really unfortunate, there have not been many trans [men] characters. There was a trans character on The L Word, but, once again, played by a cis actor. The Fosters—he’s a good friend of mine, Tom Phelan. He’s great, and I was so happy—because my mom said, ‘Oh, do you wanna go out on this?’ because that’s how I went on auditions before—my parents got me them. And I said, ‘No, no, I’m not ready to be out in the world as trans.’ And then I heard Tom got it, and I was like, ‘Fantastic!’ He’s great on the show. But yeah, unfortunately, there haven’t been a lot of trans guys to look up to in mainstream media. ”

Then AE asked “because you can pass very easily, how much does the show feel the need to explain that Noah is trans, or what that means?”

To which, Elliot replied: “It was definitely a concern going into writing that. I pass as cis all the time, which is a blessing, in a way, but it’s also very weird for me because I do embrace my transness so much. I don’t know how much I can say about this—you may have to wait and see how we go about that. It’s definitely interesting how we do go about that because Noah is already on hormones and has transitioned and is comfortable with where he is. So I think it’s more interesting in that sense, but I think Noah just saying ‘I’m transgender’ should be enough. You should just take it for what it is.”

As we know, transgender representation in TV and film is fairly thin on the ground, so it’s great to see a trans actor be chosen – especially for a trans role. Sadly, due to the shortage of well known and respected transgender actors, cis actors are usually given the roles of transgender characters. So it is rather nice to see that not be the case here.

If you’re interested, you can read the full interview here.

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Elliot Fletcher Talks Playing Trans Guy For
Article Name
Elliot Fletcher Talks Playing Trans Guy For
Elliot Fletcher talks about playing a trans guy on the third season of "Faking It".