Elton John Confirmed For Kingsman: The Golden Circle

A while back, we discussed the rumours that Elton John was in talks to join the cast of Kingsman The Golden Circle.

At the time, it was being reported by various outlets, but the source of the rumours was none other than The Hollywood Reporter. Now Elton John himself has confirmed that he will indeed be appearing in the Kingsman sequel.

As I discussed previously, Sir Elton doesn’t usually make personal appearances in films. His music has been used multiple times, and he has had voice cameos in shows such as The Simpsons, but this appearance will be from the man himself.

Sadly, we don’t even have a hint of what role Sir Elton will have in the film. It could just be a cameo as himself, or he could actually be playing a character. Since Sir Elton isn’t an actor, my money is on a cameo, but the question still remains on how such a cameo would fit into the world and story of Kingsman.

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