Elton John in Talks To Join Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Things are set to kick off soon for the filming of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, as director Matthew Vaughn has been busy recruiting talent for the project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Elton John is in talks to join the cast of Kingsman 2. He’s not ordinarily a man who appears in films, it’s ordinarily his soundtracks that make appearances in movies. Although he has done voice acting work in the past for shows such as The Simpsons.


Sadly, there are no words on what role Elton John will take in this particular film, but my money is on a cameo appearance as himself. It is more than possible he will be playing an actual charcater within the lore of the Kingsman world, but it seems a safe bet that Elton will appear as himself.

For now, nothing has been confirmed so treat this as a rumour. If Sir Elton does join Kingsman, he will be joining the ranks of Taron Egerton, aka Eggsy, and Mark Strong as Merlin, as well as new cast members Julianne Moore, Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal.

There is also rumblings that Colin Firth may be making an appearance in some form or another, but again treat that as unconfirmed. What are you hoping for for Kingsman: The Golden Circle?

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Article Name
Elton John in Talks To Join Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Sir Elton John is supposedly in talks to join Kingsman The Golden Circle cast.