Ex-Policewoman Describes Homophobic Bullying in Workplace

An ex-policewoman from Victoria has revealed her battle with homophobic bullying in the force, revealing bullying, intimidation and threats of violence.

Leading Senior Constable Nicki Lewis spoke about this to ABC’s 7:30, she said that she experienced homophobic taunts and even threats with a taser while working in Victoria.

Nicki has submitted her report to Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission inquiry in to sexual discrimination and harassment in the police force, which is due to make a report on Wednesday.

Her experiences are disturning, with Nicki reporting bullying, being shunned by colleagues as well as false rumors that she had an STD, which was used to warn people not to touch her belongings.

Nicki has also claimed that reports of bullying to a colleague resulted in zero action.

When speaking to ABC, Nicki said: “When I talked about this with a male colleague he said, ‘oh, that other lesbian’. He minimised what was happening by treating it like it was just some ‘lesbian drama’. That sort of homophobic attitude is common.”

She then went on to say that the colleague who spread rumors about her, threatened to “taser, baton or shoot” her.

“It shatters your self-belief about yourself, you second question yourself, you wonder whether you are actually all the things they are trying to paint you to be. It is very difficult to remove the bullies. And that certainly needs to change. The law needs to change.”

The upcoming report is expected to reveal many cases that are similar to Nicki’s reports, in which female police offers have been victim to intimidation, ridicule about their appearances and predatory sexual behaviour.

There has yet to be any comment from the Victoria police.

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Ex-Policewoman Describes Homophobic Bullying in Workplace
Article Name
Ex-Policewoman Describes Homophobic Bullying in Workplace
An ex-policewoman has described shocking homophobic bullying in the workplace.