Fabric to Reopen After Settlement Reached

You may recall that not too long ago, London lost yet another iconic venue when the closure of Fabric was announced. Now it seems that the nightclub has been saved from the brink, as the owners have reached a settlement with Islington Council, allowing the club to reopen.

If you read up on the closure, you’ll know that it was the issue of the prevalence of drugs within the club, and the sad deaths of two teenage clubbers, that caused the closure. Naturally then, the new licensing deal includes pledges to increase security and put into place stricter anti-drug policies.

Anyone under the age of 19 will be banned from entering, and anyone found with drugs or attempting to sell them will be banned for life.

Islington Council has released a statement saying that Fabric won’t reopen until all of the new conditions are met. The conditions are:

  • The use of a new ID scanning system on entry to the club.
  • Enhanced searching procedures and controls.
  • Covert surveillance within the club.
  • Life-time bans for anyone found in possession of drugs, whether on entry or within the club.
  • Life-time bans for anyone trying to buy drugs in the club.
  • Enhanced monitoring and external auditing for compliance against procedures.
  • Physical changes to the club, including improved lighting and additional CCTV provision.
  • A new security company

The iconic club has seen an outpouring of support, as over 150,000 people signed a petition and more than £300,000 was raised to help with the legal costs for the club. The decision to reopen has also seen support from London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

At the time of the closure, there was outrage from attendees as well as from DJs, including Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Pete Tong. Mayor Khan also criticised the move, warning of the decline of London’s nightlife. This is definitely a valid worry, given the closure of several London venues in the last few years.

“London’s iconic clubs are an essential part of our cultural landscape,” he said at the time.

At least this time, the venue has managed to survive. Lets hope that continues.

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