Facebook Updating Real Name Policy

I discussed a little while ago how some small tweaks were being made by Facebook to it’s real name policy.

Now they have discussed these changes further, and while it probably doesn’t go as far as some would like, it’s definitely an improvement. Back in October, they revealed how it they would be making it easier for you to verify your identity.

They also made it so anyone who wished to report a “fake” name had to provide a reason, helping to decrease the amount of accounts closed due to trolling.

Facebook are now adding a more sophisticated filtering algorithm, as well as increasing the amount of documentation you can use as proof of your name.

Product manager at Facebook, Todd Gage, had this to say: “There has been has been a significant amount of work done over this last year, which has lead to these changes today.”

This filtering system and the automated checks will help eliminate false or unusual reports.

Facebook have also made changes so that the documentation you can provide is personalised. Todd Gage said, regarding this: “For example, if you’re in school, we’ll ask for relevant ID.”

The Facebook post about the changes reads: “We’re also testing a new tool that will let people provide more information about their circumstances if they are asked to verify their name. People can let us know they have a special circumstance, and then give us more information about their unique situation. This additional information will help our review teams better understand the situation so they can provide more personalized support. This information will also help inform potential improvements we can make in the future.”

Other changes that have been implemented include the fact that after an account is reported, it will remain live, “as long as [the user] is cooperating with the support staff.”

As we all know, the real name policy on the social media platform is intended to counter cyber bullying, by forcing accountability on users.

These changes do have a bit of a limitation, though, as the Facebook post reads: “These tools are currently being tested on a limited basis in the US only, across mobile and desktop. Based on feedback, we will iterate and roll them out globally.”

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Facebook Updating Real Name Policy
Article Name
Facebook Updating Real Name Policy
Facebook have once more updated their real name policy, which has been heavily criticised by LGBT people and Native Americans.