Fashion Secrets of the New Absolutely Fabulous Movie

The fashion choices of Edina and Patsy played a huge part in the beloved tv show, so we cannot expect anything but brilliance went it comes to their clothes in the soon-to-be-released Absolutely Fabulous film.  Rebecca Hale, responsible for dressing the two women on the show and in the upcoming movie, spoke about what we can expect for these characters in terms of clothes and fashion.

“When Jennifer initially approached me about the film, I thought: ‘Fashion has gotten so outrageous now. We can’t have Edina walking around in pompoms like we used to. We have to be a bit more clever than that,” Hale said.

“On the show, I always wanted an essence of street — the hard-core roots of British fashion — but I was aware that now high fashions are more outrageous than Ab Fab ever was.”

The characters are changing and evolving in the film, so the clothes needs to reflect that as well.

“She wants to do something more important than go to parties. Edina can’t be carried by the clothes anymore — she’s going to have to carry herself,” said Rebecca.

“The best place to start was Westwood. Westwood’s anarchic, and her tailoring is beautiful — it’s classic with a twist. And it works because Vivienne has a social message — and Ab Fab is all about a social message.”

She adds that while the movie certainly critiques their lifestyle, it also celebrates it at the same time. That balance was important. “The social message is definitely Jennifer Saunders’ intention. But in the end, this film is a celebration of fashion, and it will attract a whole new generation of fans to Ab Fab.”

And although rumors have circulated, Hale confirms that fashionista Kim Kardashian is not in the film.  “I think she wanted to, but Kim is not in it. She was never meant to be in it — she’s definitely part of Jennifer’s sendup of fashion society.”

Absolutely Fabulous is coming to theaters this summer. It is set to be out in the UK on July 1 and in the US on July 22.

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Fashion Secrets of the New Absolutely Fabulous Movie
Article Name
Fashion Secrets of the New Absolutely Fabulous Movie
The woman responsible for dressing the Ab Fab characters talks about her fashion choices for the upcoming film.