Father & Son Confess To Murder Of Gay Puerto Rican Hairstylist

A father and son have confessed to the murder of Miguel Rodríguez Fernández, a gay hairstylist from Puerto Rico.

Miguel’s body was discovered by his car, which was on a highway outside Santa Isabel on July 18, after police received an anonymous call. Sadly, he died of stab wounds several hours later at a hospital in Ponce, at the age of 25.

Francisco Miranda Bermudez, who was still covered in Migue’s blood, was arrested near the scene, and was joined a few hours later by his son Francisco Miranda Sanchez.

According to information posted in the El Vocero newspaper, Miguel was in a relationship with Miranda Sanchez.

Apparently, what happened is that the three of them drove together to a lonely road to have a drink. It was there that both father and son set on him. Both of them have now been charged with murder, as well as violating weapons law.


Head of the Homicide Division of Criminal Investigation Corps in Ponce, Harry Solivan, had this to say: “It is an unfortunate crime. The young man was alive several hours. I understand that he suffered greatly.”

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