Fear The Walking Dead Sets Cable Series Premiere Record

It’s hardly a shocker that Fear The Walking Dead is doing well, given that it’s big daddy The Walking Dead’s season 5 finale drew in  15.8 million total viewers. But, just how well is it doing?

While it may not be quite ready to take down it’s predecessor (yet), the premiere of the new show has done exceedingly well. According to AMC’s official overnight ratings, the season premiere drew in 10.1 million live/same day viewers, which makes it the most watched season premiere in cable history.

Let me put that into perspective for you: the series finale of the excellent Breaking Bad drew in 10.28 million, so Fear The Walking Dead seems poised to take down one of AMC’s biggest success stories.

AMC said via a press release: “…the #1 series premiere in cable television history for total viewers and all key demos. The episode delivered 6.3 million adults 18-49.”


While that comment is not to be taken at face value, as this 18-49 viewership isn’t measured in actual numbers, but rather demo scores.

4.9 is not too shabby at all, as most shows are lucky if they breach 3.0. Even big series are rating between 5.0-7.0 across the season, so it’s not bad at all for a premiere of a spin off. While it hasn’t cracked the mighty 9.0 The Walking Dead sometimes reaches on big episodes, let’s not forget that this is a pattern for AMC.

Their series’ are often low rated at the start, but they tend to see a big spike in viewers as people binge watch them on Netflix or Now TV. This has happened with a few of their series’ now, so AMC are probably counting on this once again.


Regardless of all that, that is still a strong start for this new series. There will be a review coming on Pride Life soon, just as soon as it becomes available in the UK, so keep your eyes peeled.