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Fertility programs

Donor Egg/Gestational Carrier Options

To complete their journeys toward parenthood, many same-sex couples in the UK choose Shady Grove Fertility, an international leader in fertility treatment, for a variety of reasons in addition to their high success rates.
For same-sex couples, Shady Grove Fertility offers a comprehensive internal database that includes pictures and detailed information about each of their available egg donors. A rigorous screening process ensures donors are qualified, and the Center allows couples the freedom to choose their own donors. The practice works with a number of prominent gestational carrier agencies to connect patients with the right carrier for them. International patients receive a personalised concierge service with their Patient Liaison, who provides support and guidance throughout all stages of the journey.
In addition to top quality care, Shady Grove Fertility offers qualified patients a Shared Risk 100% Refund Program. This program ensures the delivery of a baby or a refund of the patients’ money. Similarly, Shady Grove Fertility offers the Shared Donor Egg Program. Here, a patient can elect to share a donor’s eggs with up to two other recipients. Sharing an egg donor does not compromise success rates and reduces the cost of treatment by up to 50%.

500 UK Babies Born

Michael Levy, MD, is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and co-founder of Shady Grove Fertility. A well-respected leader in international fertility treatment, Dr Levy’s passion is helping patients build families. He says, “Our program offers patients donor and gestational options to help them achieve their goal of parenthood, quickly and affordably.”
Dr Levy pioneered the Shared Risk 100% Refund Program and Shared Donor Program with the goal being to help more couples afford donor egg treatment. In 2007, he established the International Donor Egg Program, and since then, he has made several trips to the UK to educate and connect with prospective patients. Since this program began, more than 500 couples have traveled from the UK to start their families at Shady Grove Fertility. Dr Levy provides a complementary phone consultation for prospective international patients considering Shady Grove Fertility.
Amanda Segal has been working with Shady Grove Fertility since its inception in 1991 and is now the practice’s International Patient Liaison. In 2007, she joined Dr Levy in pioneering the International program and was previously involved with many aspects of the practice from Patient Service Representative to Financial Billing Coordinator, making her a valuable resource for international patients. She is a former fertility patient who provides first-hand insight and support for her patients.
Amanda is there every step of the way, from the initial phone inquiry to scheduling a patient’s visit to Shady Grove Fertility to chaperoning them through their appointment and treatment schedule to providing recommendations for travel and accommodations. In addition to Dr Levy and Amanda, international patients work with a dedicated care team.

Only Two Visits to the US

Shady Grove Fertility is a long standing UK/US fertility program and offers couples in the UK an affordable and successful path towards parenthood. Even though it is out of the country, only two short visits to the Washington DC area are required, and there is no wait to begin treatment. Their extensive donor pool provides patients plenty of options and flexibility when choosing their egg donors. Considering 37,000 babies have been born through Shady Grove Fertility, it is no wonder the Center has become the first choice for patients from the United Kingdom.