Finding Dory Beats Independence Day: Resurgence at US Box Office

Last time we spoke about Finding Dory, the film had smashed US box office records, and was doing well internationally with many countries waiting for it to release.

However, a challenger to Dory’s throne stepped up to the plate, the potential summer blockbuster Independence Day: Resurgence. However, Finding Dory remained strong and managed to beat out Independence Day, dropping just 45% from it’s previous record to $73.2 million second weekend haul.

Not only that, Dory is doing well against other Pixar films, as it is the fifth most popular. It should surpass the figures from Up this week. Again, this is just in the States, as many key territories such as the United Kingdom have yet to see a release of the film.

Despite many countries not yet having the film, Finding Dory has still made $110.3 million overseas and $398.8 million globally.

Independence Day, on the other hand, is not doing great for a summer blockbuster with that kind of legacy. It has opened below expectations, with $41.6 million whereas the original film took $50 million back in 1990. The original also only cost $75 million to make, whereas the new one cost $165 million. I have no doubt that the film will make it’s money back, given the pedigree, but it doesn’t seem to be the runaway hit the producers probably expected.

It’s no small feat, though, that Finding Dory still remains supreme even with some stiff competition. It will be very interesting to see what happens when we get it here in the UK, plus the other countries still waiting for release.

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Article Name
Finding Dory Beats Independence Day: Resurgence at US Box Office
Finding Dory has beat Independence Day: Resurgence at the US Box Office.