Finding Dory Smashes Box Office Record

Finding Dory is kinda like Toy Story 3, in which while it will have a huge appeal to younger audiences, there will also be older people who have been waiting a long time to watch it.

Given this wide, varied audience it should come as no surprise that Finding Dory has become the record holder for the biggest opening in the U.S for an animated film with an estimated $136.2 million.

It has handily beaten it’s predecessor, Finding Nemo, which took $70.2 million when it first released. Finding Dory also toppled Shrek the Third, which has held the record of $121.6 million since 2007.

Speaking of Toy Story 3, Finding Dory also managed to beat it’s release figures of $110.3 million. So Finding Dory has shot right past some pretty strong releases and all round popular films, and I have no doubt that the opening will only be the beginning. I would not be surprised to see the sequel beat even more records as the weeks pass.

Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore said: “Finding Dory just showed total domination this weekend. The Finding Nemo brand has been building with audiences for 13 years, first on the big screen and then on the small screen. That set the stage for this spectacular debut, bigger than anyone expected.”

comScore also revealed that women made up 62% of the film’s audience for the U.S opening weekend.

Dergarabedian continued: “It was girl power all the way with this terrific female character. The female audience powered this opening weekend.”

Overseas from the US, Finding Dory grossed $50 million after opening in roughly 32% of the international marketplace. The strongest opening aside from the U.S was China, with $17.5 million.

Also keep in mind that it is yet to release in the UK, and I have a feeling that the UK release is also going to be huge.

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Finding Dory Smashes Box Office Record
Article Name
Finding Dory Smashes Box Office Record
Finding Dory has smashed the box office record in the US.