First Openly Gay Candidate Elected Governor of Colorado

Democrat Jared Polis has been elected as Governor in Colorado, and is now the first openly gay candidate to be elected to that office in the U.S. He is one of four LGBT candidates that ran for a U.S. Governors office, including: Kate Brown in Oregon, Christine Hallquist in Vermont, and Lupe Valdez in Texas. In this election, 147 LGBT candidates ran for state and federal offices. In Colorado alone, six LGBT candidates ran for positions in the statehouse. Prior to this election, in the early 2000’s Jim Mcgreevey came out as gay just before he stepped down from the Governors office in New Jersey. In a pre-Election Day interview with the Washington Post, Polis said “Colorado is a state that values diversity. We’re willing to elect people that are going to do a good job for our state regardless of their background… I think it’s exciting to show how far the LGBT community has come that it doesn’t stand in the way of being elected to the highest office in the state.” Polis has two children with his long-time partner and has been completely open about family throughout his campaign. He advocates for universal healthcare and proposes bringing Colorado 100% renewable energy by 2040.