Former Partners Of Charlie Sheen Say They Didn’t Know About His HIV

We’ve all seen the frank and emotional admittance from Charlie Sheen about his HIV positive status, and we’ve also heard from Charlie that it’s “impossible” he infected anyone over his four years of secrecy.

He also claimed that all of his partners were aware of his HIV. However six of his lovers have since contacted lawyers, according to TMZ.

One woman, Bree Olson has claimed that Charlie made no mention of it to her: “He never said anything to me,” she said. “I was his girlfriend. I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost every day for a year. I trusted him. For a year.”

Bree also went on to say that Charlie wanted to use lambskin condoms, an alternative to latex ones which prevent pregnancy but not the sharing of sexually-transmitted diseases.

She was also asked if she would accept an apology from him: “I don’t want it. I’d say, ‘F— you!’ and hang up the phone. He doesn’t even value my life. All I know is that now because of him, every time someone hears my name, they think of HIV right next to it.”

But, in a rebuttal to these claims, Charlie has denied that he knew he was HIV positive during his relationship with Bree. Apparently, they broke up a fortnight before Charlie returned home after a 20-city tour in 2011 and he didn’t find out until after he got back.

His other partner at the time, Natalie Kenly, also said to TMZ that she was also unaware of his HIV status.

Thankfully, both women have tested negative for the virus.

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Former Partners Of Charlie Sheen Say They Didn't Know About His HIV
Article Name
Former Partners Of Charlie Sheen Say They Didn't Know About His HIV
Some of Charlie Sheen's former partners have said they didn't know about his HIV, despite the actor's claims to the contrary.