Free Pride Glasgow Now Allowing Trans Drag Performers – But Not Cis

A couple of days ago, Free Pride Glasgow (the “anti commercialist” alternative to the official Glasgow Pride) banned drag queen performers.

However, they have now changed their stance – slightly. After drawing a huge amount of criticism, they have no changed their stance to allow drag queen performers – but only if they’re trans.

“People appeared to understand that we attempted to communicate that trans drag performers’ rights are secondary to other trans people’s rights. We did not mean to send this message and apologise to trans drag performers for unintentionally doing so. Unfortunately this also appears to have offended trans drag performers. We did not in any way mean to equate cis (who are often seen as transmisogynistic by some portions of the Trans community) drag performers with trans drag performers.”

While it’s a step in the right direction, it’s appalling that they are still alienating people. Pride is supposed to be about acceptance, and here we are saying “we’re don’t like you’re kind round ‘ere” to our cis allies. Not all cis drag performers are doing it in an offensive manner, or in a way that makes trans people seem like a joke, so why not say that you will allow cis or trans drag queen performers, but you want to see them perform for you before you allow them on stage?