Fuller House To Possibly Explore Gay Issues

Fuller House premiers on Netflix on February 26th, and the cast was recently asked if the show would ever deal with homosexual issues. The parent show, Full House, and its burgeoning spin-off both deal with three adults of the same sex living together and raising children together. While the premise does not incorporate gay couples, there is much said about the difficulties and struggles of same-sex parenting.

Fuller House’s producer, Bob Boyett, has not determined whether or not the new show will specifically address gay couples, but he did say that the original show received remarkable feedback from gay parents. “We’ve gotten a tremendous amount of feedback over the last 10 years from single parents and gay parents who felt that the show on Nickelodeon gave their kids the opportunity to go to school and say, ‘Look, on ‘Full House’ they have three dads.’ So I think that’s been in play since the old show.”

One of the stars of the show, Candace Cameron Bure, has is very outspoken about her religious beliefs and has often defended businesses that do not want to cater to same-sex couples. She says that while she defends “religious freedom,” she remains open to whatever the writers want to take on for her character, DJ Tanner.

“I will always defend religious freedom and that’s what I was talking about on ‘The View.’ I didn’t describe my personal feelings about [gay marriage],” she says. “But I am an actress on a television show, and I support all things that we go through as human beings and would love all of our characters to explore whatever issues that are current in our culture and in our society today.”


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Fuller House To Possibly Explore Gay Issues
Article Name
Fuller House To Possibly Explore Gay Issues
The creators of Fuller House discuss the possibility of exploring gay issues on the new Netflix series.