Game of Thrones Season 6 | ____ Not Dead? Actor Seen On Set [SPOILERS]

If you aren’t up to date with Game of Thrones’ latest season, I suggest you stop right where you are. Here there be spoilers, and they’re not small either.



Okay, so – we all saw The Hound apparently die a very unceremonious death, after being left to die by Arya after his battle with Brienne. That was a sad moment for many people, including myself – The Hound was one of Game of Thrones’ finest characters, and had some of the most memorable lines to come out of the show.

But it looks like that there may just be hope for Sandor Clegane’s return, and that has me very excited. According to Watchers on the Wall, Rory McCann was spotted at a hotel in Belfast which is often used by HBO for Game of Thrones filming this week.

Rory doesn’t have anything else lined up right now, and while it’s technically possible he’s just there for leisure, it seems unlikely that he’s there for any other reason than to take part in filming the next season of Game of Thrones. There are other possibilities that don’t necessarily mean the Hound is alive, such as say a flashback scene or even a funeral (although why such a funeral would take place for him, I have no idea) and it’s also possible he’s just saying hello to his friends on the Thrones cast.


Numerous other actors have also been spotted, including Kit Harrington. Those of you who have read the books know the potential reason for him still being there, and it’s not a funeral scene. There is yet hope.