Game of Thrones Season 6 | Actors Cast For Sam Tarly’s Family

Game of Thrones season six is probably one of the most highly anticipated shows of next year, and three more actors have been added to the cast in roles as the family of Sam Tarly.

Sam Tarly is not a character for everyone, being timid, shy, bumbling and yet highly intelligent. However, you can’t deny that he has come a long way as a character, and is slowly leaving the shadow of his disapproving father behind.

Now, we finally get to see just how dark that shadow really is, as three people will be joining the cast to play the various members of his family. According to the site Watchers on the Wall, Downton Abbey actor James Faulkner has been cast as Sam’s “humourless and intimidating” father. He has some practice at playing father figures, as he was last seen on our screens playing Lady Rose’s severe father law in Downton Abbey.

Next up is Samantha Spiro, who according to a leaked casting call will play Sam’s “sweet, plump and adoring mother”.  Samantha has previously appeared in Psychob****es and Bad Education.

Appearing as Sam’s “friendly and unpretentious sister” is Rebecca Benson, who is set to appear alongside Michael Fassbender in the upcoming Macbeth film.

Lastly, we have Freddie Stroma, who will be playing Sam’s “athletic” brother. He is best known for his part in Harry Potter as wizard Cormac McLadden.

I am curious as to how the Tarlys will appear in the show. As far as we know, Sam is on the Wall and won’t be leaving it any time soon. So, will this be in a flashback where we see exactly what transpired between Sam and his family? Or, is Sam perhaps driven away from the Wall towards the only other place he knew as home?

Unfortunately, only time will tell. While there is no official air date just yet, speculation is that it will air on either April 3 or April 10.

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