Game of Thrones Season Six | Old Character Confirmed to Return

Be warned: this article will contain spoilers for Game of Thrones season five. If you’re aren’t up to date, stop reading now!


Game of Thrones season six is almost upon us, and the run up to the return of the series has been full of speculation. Now, we have something confirmed: a character last seen in season three will be returning to the latest season of HBO’s successful series.

Now, the character that has been confirmed is rather exciting, as his presence could have some interesting implications. It is none other than Thoros of Myr, the Red Priest.

This news was given to us thanks to the actor Paul Kaye’s page, which stated: “Paul has also been busy with television roles, you can catch him in the eagerly awaited Season 6 of Game of Thrones.”

When we last saw Thoros, he was part of the Brotherhood Without Banners, and as you may remember Thoros revived Beric of Dondarrion after he’s killed by the Hound. He also handed off Gendry to Melisandre in the name of the Lord of Light, earning him a spot on Arya’s kill list.

According to a source, Thoros’ appearance will involve a hanging.

So, with that out of the way, onto speculation!

There are two potential implications that could happen, now that Thoros is back in town. One: he uses his powers of resurrection to bring back Jon Snow. This seems unlikely given that chances are good he isn’t near the Wall. But we have no real means to know the limits of his powers. It’s entirely possible for him to revive someone who’s been dead for a few days.

But still, let’s chalk that up to possible, but not likely.

The second possibility is even more interesting: it could mean Lady Stoneheart will make an appearance after all. As readers of the ASoIF books will know, there is a hanging scene with Lady Stoneheart that takes place directly because of Thoros’ actions. So it’s possible that they will be bringing in the Lady Stoneheart storyline, albeit a bit late in the game.

This one seems like it is very possible.

Of course, it is possible that he won’t do either of these things. But the presence of one of the very very few people in Westeros who can bring back the dead will probably have quite wide spread implications. I doubt HBO and George R R Martin have brought him back just for a spot of sight seeing.

We can only wait and see. I, for one, would be happy with either one of my potential possibilities.

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Game of Thrones Season Six | Old Character Confirmed to Return
Article Name
Game of Thrones Season Six | Old Character Confirmed to Return
An old character will be returning to Game of Thrones season six.