Garrett Clayton talks King Cobra & More

King Cobra has been stirring up it’s fair share of controversy, and it’s not even out yet. But, despite that, the gay porn drama is an eagerly anticipated release for this year.

As you probably know, King Cobra depicts the story of Brent Corrigan, played by Garrett Clayton, and the murder of a porn producer who will be played by Christian Slater.

He spoke to Out recently about why he feels King Cobra is an important film to make: “We never wanted to mock it or make it seem like we were making a joke out of it. I don’t view sex as taboo, but it was important that there wasn’t sex for no reason. When a sexual act was happening, Justin [King Cobra’s director] and I talked about how it promoted the plot. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t do it.”

He also touched on what his mother thinks of him playing a barely legal porn star, and it seems that she is very supportive indeed.

“She’s dying to see this movie. She read an interview with Melanie Griffith about Dakota Johnson and Fifty Shades of Grey where Melanie said, ‘I could never see my daughter do things like that.’ My mom got pissed about it and told me, ‘I want people to know your work is separate from you as a person, and I support you in your career and your choices.’ ”

Unfortunately, due to him starring in King Cobra, people have been rather predictably – and tiresomely – calling his sexuality into question. But it seems that thankfully, it hasn’t effected Garrett too much.

“I don’t really like talking about my personal life. I like a certain amount of veil. I’ve been very lucky this year. I haven’t been brought down because people are focused on who I’m dating, what I’m eating, or what handbag is the best handbag — that’s so cheap to me. But if others want to open up about their personal lives, that is their choice. It’s not for me to judge.”

King Cobra will be out digitally this month, who here will be watching it?

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Garrett Clayton talks King Cobra & More
Article Name
Garrett Clayton talks King Cobra & More
Garrett Clayton talks on the upcoming film King Cobra and more.