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Mobile gay friendly APPS

Whilst most of us now have smart phones and access to the wonderful world of apps, nearly all of us have apps and games that we never use and just leave to wallow in their own loneliness. So to combat this Craig Storrie has created a list of the best apps and games that any gay person will want to carry around in their pocket – and to show that gay apps don’t have to revolve around shags and random hook ups!

Mini Gay Boyfriend

After choosing one of many different types of gay men to date, it’s your job to keep them interested with lots of hugs, kisses and attention – and I mean a lot as these gay men are high maintenance! Also available for you ladies is Mini Gay Girlfriend.
Free for iPhone and Android

Sonic Screwdriver

Ever wanted to have your own sonic screwdriver? Now you can! With highly detailed 3D graphics, four models to choose from and authentic sounds from Doctor Who you’ll never have to fight the Daleks empty-handed again!
£1.49 for iPhone

Quiz Up

A real time trivia game that has tons and tons of subjects for you to test your knowledge on, Quiz Up pits you against players from around the world as well as being able to challenge your friends by connecting it to your Facebook account.
Free For iPhone

RuPaul’s Drag Race Dragopolis

This gay friendly game based on the hit TV show, Drag Race is an endless runner game that sees you trying to get RuPaul to the main stage. Feel free to customise her to your liking with many outfits and wigs to collect.
Free for iPhone and Android

Robot Unicorn Attack 1 & 2

What could more gay, than a dashing unicorn trailing rainbows from its arse whilst listening to Erasure? The robot unicorn games are great for snatching moments of fun and campness whilst travelling or having some alone time.
69p and Free respectively for iPhone and Android

Sonic 2

Whilst there are many retro games on the app store, Sonic 2 is arguably the greatest video game ever made and with many varied modes to keep you addicted, you’ll be playing this game for ages!
£1.99 for iPhone and 69p for Android


A fun side-scrolling adventure with a brilliant soundtrack, SuperGay follows Dr Tom Palmer as he uses his super powers to defeat his jilted ex girlfriends. SuperGay is funny, exciting and just a little bit addictive.
69p for iPhone only

Dalek Stalk

Think Instagram but for Daleks, the Dalek Eyestalk turns your photos into what the Doctor’s arch enemies see using different Dalek viewpoints instead of filters. Loads of fun.
£1.49 for iPhone only

Ultimate Gay Fighter

Billed as the world’s first gay fighter, you take control of a number of stereotypes like Timmy Spears the Twink and Elmo Emo the Hipster and pit them against each other in a life or death match. Its colourful, brutal and at times hilarious due to its clever satire and pokes at the gay community.

Gay Cities

If you are a frequent gay traveller or just want to know the hot spots in your own town Gay Cities shows you the best bars, restaurants, shops and hotels to visit in your vicinity.
Free for iPhone only