Gay Couple Win Custody Battle Against Surrogate Mother

You might have read about the high profile custody battle involving same-sex couple Gordon and Manuel, as they fought for the right to leave Thailand with their surrogate daughter.

The court case began when the Thai surrogate mother decided she wanted to keep the child, after she realised the couple receiving the baby were gay. Things were made even more complex by a new law which came until play after the baby’s birth, which bans commercial surrogacy.

Also, Thailand does not currently recognise same-sex marriages.

When Carmen (the surrogate child) was born, the mother refused to sign documents that would allow her to get a passport and leave the country with her surrogate parents. Apparently, she thought that Gordon and Manuel were an “ordinary family and that she worried for Carmen’s upbringing”.


Gordon and Manuel with Carmen outside the central family court in Bangkok. Photograph: Sakchai Lalit/AP

Gordon has always stressed that they were clear from the start with the surrogacy agency, New Life, about them being a gay couple. So why the mother was not aware is another question entirely.

Thankfully the Judge was sympathetic towards them, and granted the couple custody of Carmen, who has lived with the couple since her birth.

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Gay Couple Win Custody Battle Against Surrogate Mother
Article Name
Gay Couple Win Custody Battle Against Surrogate Mother
A gay couple won a custody battle against the surrogate mother in Thailand.