Gay Defrocked Priest Feels Like More of a Priest Now

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi-- Religious News Service

Krzysztof Charamsa, who came out as gay last month, is as committed to his calling as before. On October 3rd, Charamsa announced his homosexuality and was subsequently fired by his diocese. The Vatican called Charamsa’s honest declaration “very serious and irresponsible,” and did not allow him to continue his work or teachings there. Despite being unemployed, Charamsa tells the AFP that he plans to continue his godly work: “I now feel better gay and more of a priest than before.”

In a telephone interview with the Religion News Service, he added “I can’t follow Jesus from the closet.”

He tried to improve the view of homosexuality from within the Catholic Church but found it impossible: “In the most important part of the church I couldn’t cast doubt on the strategy of homophobia; I could not use the word ‘homophobia’. I was treated like an object that gets thrown away. … We (gay priests) are treated like objects that must be silent.”

Although Charamsa believes the synod fathers adhere to a “manual of homophobia,” he does believe there is hope with Pope Francis, who met with the U.S. LGBT Envoy earlier this week.

“I didn’t expect much from the synod, but I do from Pope Francis. He can turn on a light in the hearts of the bishops; he is able to bring hope to divorced and gay (Catholics).”

However, there are no definitive signs that the Pope will change the church’s stance on homosexuality.

Charamsa now freely lives with his partner in the gay district of Barcelona, Spain, “an open city which is so tolerant.”

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Gay Defrocked Priest Feels Like More of a Priest Now
Article Name
Gay Defrocked Priest Feels Like More of a Priest Now
Defrocked priest still feels like a priest and has no regrets.