Gay Man Fathers Ten Babies With Women He Met On Facebook

A gay man has now fathered ten babies, thanks to a Facebook group he set up to become a sperm donor to couples for free.

This has taken place over the last 13 months, Kenzie Kilpatrick has helped over 50 women get pregnant after meeting them via Facebook.

Kenzie created a group advertising “drama free UK sperm donor”, and has said that he’s mostly donated to lesbian couples.

Kenzie then took the time to meet the couples who contacted him online, before meeting them in person. He has not ever accepted payment for his services as a sperm donor, and went to say that knowing he has “helped people who have suffered for so long, desperately wanting to have a baby” is his motivation.

He also said, to the Birmingham Mail: “I also feel incredible knowing that I will have 10 babies out there continuing my genes.”


When speaking about how he used his group and social media to get to know the women, he said: “Facebook is a wonderful thing. You go back through their timeline and you can see the information.”

He also signed contracts for each donation, which say that he will have no involvement in the children’s upbringing.

One of the mothers said, while speaking to the Daily Mail: “Kenzie is such an amazing and selfless person, he has given us a gift that is truly priceless.”

Despite this glowing praise, it has been recommended by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority that anyone wanting a sperm donor used registered clinics: “While donor insemination treatment at a licensed clinic can be expensive, it offers patients a range of protections that people using an unregistered donor found via the web do not have.”

Clinics do play in an important role, as not only do they make sure that any donors are free from sexually transmitted diseases, and their system also means that any donor has no parental rights or responsibilities.


Kenzie says that he didn’t go to a licensed clinic because they are “extortionate”, and went on to say: “These poor couples have to save and save and save to get stupid amounts of money. It’s just a business. That’s all it is.”