Gay marriage comes to Scotland

Same-sex marriage is now legal in Scotland.

Couples in an existing civil partnership can now convert that partnership into a marriage.

Other same-sex couples can now give a 15-day notice of the intention to marry, with the first weddings taking place on Hogmanay, 31 December 2014.
Colin Macfarlane, Director of Stonewall Scotland, said:

"We are thrilled today that couples will be able to convert their civil partnerships to marriages and we offer our congratulations to them all. Many of the couples celebrating today and in the weeks and months ahead have been together for decades and in a civil partnership since they were introduced in 2005.

"This change in the law is the result of a tireless campaign by many organisations, including Stonewall Scotland, parliamentarians and individuals to ensure that same-sex couples can enjoy full equality before the law.

"While there is still lots to do before the lived day-to-day experience of many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people is truly equal in Scotland, this is a day of celebration and we know these ceremonies will be a wonderful early Christmas present for many couples, their friends and families."

Same-sex marriage became legal in England and Wales earlier this year.