Gay Marriage Legal In Mexico Thanks to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in Mexico ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, stating it is unconstitutional for Mexican states to bar same-sex marriages.

Hiram Gonzalez married his long term boyfriend, Severiano Chavez last year in Chihuahua after the Mexican Supreme Court had ruled that restricting marriage to just heterosexuals would be discriminatory.

“When I heard the judge pronounce us legally married, I burst into tears,” said Mr. Gonzalez, 41.

Like many states in Mexico, Chihuahua allows marriage only between a man and woman, but now, Hiram and his partner obtained a court order in order to exchange vows.

“Without a doubt, gay marriage is legal everywhere,” said Estefanía Vela, a legal scholar at a Mexico City university. “If a same-sex couple comes along and the code says marriage is between a man and a woman and for the purposes of reproduction, the court says, ‘Ignore it, marriage is for two people’.”

The process requires each couple to petition the court individually, a slow and costly process, with court fees running up to a $1,000.

Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina already recognise same-sex marriage, and Chile plans to follow suit later this year.

Via NYTimes