Gay Travel Site Names Gay Hotel Of The Year

Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawai‘i  has received a prestigious award from LGBT travel site, Starwood Hawaii has been called the Hotel Collection of the Year for its welcoming attitude towards their gay customers in all of their 11 resorts.

The winner was decided upon after many visits from travel writers, reviewers, website editors.

GayTravel Chief Visionary Officer Steve Rohrlick said: “There is no more deserving recipient of our hotel collection award than Starwood Hotels in Hawai‘i.  Each of its resorts possesses a unique personality while sharing an enticing blend of natural beauty along with a warm and accepting culture.”

He added: “The goal of the GayTravel Awards is two-fold: first, to recognize and showcase select inclusive travel-related companies and destinations that resonate with our discerning audience; and second, to inspire other companies and brands around the world to continually raise their service levels and amenities while encouraging a broad spirit of inclusiveness. Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawai‘i epitomizes these values.”

The general manager of the hotel chain, Kelly Sanders says: “We are thrilled to have been selected for this award as we always strive to do what is ‘pono,’ or right. Welcoming our friends, brothers and sisters from around the world with open arms is truly what ‘aloha’ represents.”

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