Gay wedding cake case to go before the Supreme Court

Gay wedding cake case to go before the Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court it consider today the case of a gay couple who were refused a wedding cake by a Colorado bakery.

In 2012 David Mullins and Charlie Craig asked baker Jack Phillips to bake them a cake for their forthcoming wedding.

Phillips refused, saying that it offended his religious beliefs and that it was not his standard business practice to provide cakes for same-sex weddings.

After the couple had filed a successful complaint to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, Phillips decided to make an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Phillips told USA Today: ““What a cake celebrating this event would communicate was a message that contradicts my deepest religious convictions. Phillips wrote this week in USA Today.

“And as an artist, that’s just not something I’m able to do.”

Jeremy Tedesco, Phillips’ lawyer said: “This case is about the freedom of artists and creative professionals to not be forced by the government to create custom expression or work for a message or event that violates who they are.”

However Mullins told the AFR news agency: “This case is not about artistic freedom. We didn’t ask for a piece of art. We were simply turned away because of who we were.”

Louise Melling, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, who is representing Mullins and Craig said: “This isn’t about a cake. This is a question about whether the Constitution protects the right to discriminate.

“It’s about whether the Constitution protects the right of a bakery to put up in its store window a sign that says ‘Wedding cakes for heterosexuals only.’”