Gay wedding cake judgment expected this week

Still life of the top of a wedding cake with two miniature grooms cake topper and roses at the side

The UK Supreme Court will meet in Belfast this week to decide whether a Northern Irish bakery was acting illegally to refuse to ice a cake with the words “Support Gay Marriage”.

In May 2014 Gareth Lee placed an order with Asher’s Bakery for a cake with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage” and showing a picture of the characters of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

After initialling accepting the order the bakery then cancelled the order.

The bakers, Colin and Karen McArthur, said the message was contrary to their Christian beliefs.

Same-sex marriage is currently not legal in Northern Ireland.

Mr Lee sued the Archers for discrimination under the Equality Act, saying that it was wrong that a business could refuse to serve someone depending on its views of his sexual orientation, religion or politics.

He won his case in two lower courts.

The judges said that a business was not allowed to refuse service to a customer, if that customer’s religious beliefs were different to theirs.
It is thought likely that the Supreme Court with uphold the judgment later this week.