George Michael’s Death Linked to Drugs by Childhood Friend

2016 was a rough year all in all, and not just because we lost a huge amount of legends in one year. One of those legends was of course George Michael, who passed away on Christmas Day.

So far, the cause of his death was ruled “inconclusive” but now, George’s childhood friend and cousin Andros Georgiou says that he died from an accidental drug overdose.

Speaking to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme, Georgiou said: “I just think he took too much of something, mixed with antidepressants and other drugs he was on – with alcohol. I think his heart just stopped beating.”

“Hard drugs had been back in his life. I just think he took too much of something, mixed with antidepressants.”

He was keen to disparage the rumours of George’s alleged heroin use as “absolute rubbish”, saying that “I know that was the one drug he never touched.”

However, Georgiou rejected any idea that the singer’s death was suicide.

“I believe he had suicidal thoughts, because his mental health was all over the place. But I don’t believe this was suicide.”

Although he and George had a falling out back in 1998, Georgiou still said that he wants “to get to the truth of what happened, exactly what was in his blood at the time, who gave it [the drugs] to him, why did he have it again”.

He also went on to speak on how he had been in contact with those who were close with  George towards the end of his life, and they believed he was “actually getting better… he was trying to lead a normal life again and I believe he was dragged back into the dark side”.

At the moment, police are not treating his death as suspicious, but more tests are being conducted to get to the bottom of the cause of George Michael’s death. The lack of suspicion surrounding his passing does seem to back up that it wasn’t a suicide, but we don’t yet know if perhaps accidental drug overdose took both George and Prince from us in the same year.

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