George Takei Launches Webseries ‘It Takes Two’ – Watch The First Episode Here

George Takei’s original claim to fame may have been playing as Mr. Sulu in Star Trek: The Original Series, but he has since become something of an internet phenomenon.

Mr Takei runs his own Facebook page, with some 8.4 million likes, where he posts on a variety of topics – from internet memes to political issues and even person life (such as on his marriage to his husband, Brad).

But now the star has decided to boldly launch a webseries – the first episode, titled “Seriously,” was uploaded on Tuesday, 7 April 2015, and is a rather amusing look at how Brad feels about being made into internet memes (a meme is a post or image that enjoys a viral spread over social media.

George assures his husband that there’s little he can do that people on the internet have put a bra on his head, and instead points out that it’s a sign of affection.

Watch the first episode of the webseries short below.