Ghostbusters Reboot To Feature Dan Aykroyd Cameo

Dan Aykroyd has probably been one of the biggest supporters of the Ghostbusters reboot, (I for one, have my doubts about their ability to such a classic justice), but now it looks like he will be showing himself in the film as well.

He posted on his Twitter and confirmed that he will be featured in the film in a cameo role, despite the fact that  the reboot has a completely new cast.

“Shooting my scene with funny, beautiful Kristen Wiig,” he said. “Lady Ghostbusters are adorable, hilarious and badass! Exhilarating!”

The tweet has since been removed, but nothing on the internet is ever truly gone, especially when it concerns something as high profile as this. We have no idea what role Dan will be playing, but there has been some speculation amongst fans that he will be playing as Ray Stantz, others are saying he will appear only briefly as a  taxi driver.

We probably won’t find out anytime soon, especially since the film isn’t due out until July 22nd 2016. No matter what his role is, it’s nice to see a callback to the original in this way.