Glastonbury To Honour Bowie & Prince

2016 has been a bad year for beloved celebrities dying, but I would say out of the many that have happened so far this year, the two that rocked the music world the most were Bowie and Prince.

Now long running festival Glastonbury will be paying tribute to both of these legendary artists. Firstly, the Pyramid Stage will be decorated with a giant lightning bolt, which is inspired by the sleeve for Bowie’s Aladdin Sane album. There will also be screenings of some of Bowie’s headline set from Glastonbury 2000.

There will also be a performance of Philip Glass’s Symphony No 4, based on Bowie’s Heroes LP on the Park Stage. These plans were revealed by organiser Emily Eavis, who said that plans for a Prince tribute were also taking shape.

Rumours about a possible Prince headliner had been circulating for some time, and Emily said that it had been “close to happening for three years”.

She said of the tributes to Bowie and Prince: “The Pyramid Stage is going to have a tribute to David Bowie – the Aladdin Sane lightning flash, in metal, which will be designed by Joe Rush. And we’re doing Philip Glass’s Heroes Symphony on the Park Stage on Saturday night, which is going to be a really intimate tribute to Bowie.”

The sleeve for Aladdin Sane.

The sleeve for Aladdin Sane.

“It’s being conducted by Charles Hazlewood with members of the Paraorchestra. And we’re going to do an incredible light show which will go on for the whole show and beyond, into the night.We’re also looking at a few Prince tributes. There’s talk of late-night Prince parties and things.”

She also touched on the fact that Prince came fairly close to headlining the festival a few times, and now of course that will never happen.

“Oh, it’s gutting to be honest. We were so shocked and sad. It’s been so close to happening for the last three years. A couple of times it’s been confirmed and then not happened. It’s really disappointing that he hasn’t played here but it’s also, obviously, a huge loss to music because he was an incredible force. Just phenomenal. There was no-one else like him on the planet.”

She had more to say, and you can read the rest of the interview with the BBC here.

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Glastonbury To Honour Bowie & Prince
Article Name
Glastonbury To Honour Bowie & Prince
Glastonbury Festival 2016 will honour Bowie and Prince.