Greeland Votes For Same-Sex Marriage

On Tuesday (26 May) Greenland’s Parliament unanimously approved both same-sex marriage and adoption.

MPs of the small Arctic voted to adopt the latest iteration of Danish legislation. Two MPs remained absent for the vote. but it passed 27-0, with the law going into effect on 1 October, 2015.

The country became self-governing n 2009, and was previously using Denmark’s civil union law which dated back to 1996. Greenland’s decision to allow both same-sex marriage and adoption will bring Denmark into line with Denmark’s 2012 policies.

89 percent of the tiny population of just 56,000 are Inuit, with the rest mostly comprised of European settlers.

Nuuk Pride is Greenland’s LGBT pride, which is held in Nuuk, both the capital and largest city of Greenland. The pride takes place every June, and dates back to 2010, with the first parade bringing in around 1,000 people to celebrate.

News of Denmark’s acceptance of gay marriage comes just days after Ireland’s decisive ‘Yes’ vote. News of Ireland’s vote has also sparked fresh debate and action other countries, including Germany, where Angela Merkel faces renewed pressure to legalise Same-Sex marriage.