Greens Block Australia Marriage Equality Vote… Again

The Green party in Australia has blocked a vote on marriage equality for the second time, causing the Labor party to hit out at them for their continuing insistence at stopping the vote.

This is the second time in three days that the Greens have done this, so it’s no surprise that Senate leader Penny Wong has criticised them. She even accused the Greens of caring more about eliminating minor parties than ending discrimination against same-sex couples.

She said to the chamber: “Don’t you ever come in here and tell us how committed you are to this issue.”

It was, however, a combined effort by the Coalition and the Greens, who used their combined numbers to quash the attempt by Liberal Democrat senator David Leyonhjelm to get a vote on their private bill.

The Greens weren’t going to stay silent in the face of Penny’s criticism, accusing Labor of “cheap tricks”.

“Please stop using this issue in such a cheap and cynical way, it’s actually people’s lives you’re stuffing around with here.”

Penny, meanwhile, had this to say regarding their blocking tactic: “They had an opportunity [to bring it to a vote] this morning, and they squibbed it, and they now want to make Australians believe that somehow an hour-long debate is somehow the same.”

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Greens Block Australia Marriage Equality Vote... Again
Article Name
Greens Block Australia Marriage Equality Vote... Again
The Greens have blocked a marriage equality vote in Australia... again.