Gwen Stefani on New Album, Dating & More

Gwen Stefani released her new album, This is What The Truth Feels Like, and so far the reception to it has been positive. In a recent interview with PRIDE, Gwen talked about the new album and it’s personal nature, her LGBT fans and more.

When discussing the personal feel to the album, Gwen said: “I feel like Tragic Kingdom was a quite personal record. That was the most pure because I never thought anyone would hear that record. I truly never imagined that we would have any success and nine years of no success before that proved it.”

“This one I think was written in a way that was really pure in its own way, because it was really written for me. There was no consideration for how it would be received. The reason behind it was very pure to just healing myself. I think that Tragic Kingdom and this record are probably the most alike in that way.”

Then she touched on the experience that she hopes her fans will take away from this new record.

“I think that at the end of the day I just hope people find joy in this record. Music is so unbelievably magical and such a gift for us. I really just hope people find joy and it helps to define a time period for them.”

Gwen has a pretty large LGBT fanbase, so you might be wondering how we as a community have influenced her.

“The LGBT community has been so gracious and supported me throughout my career. I feel so blessed to have their continued support.”

For those of you that have heard the album, you’ll know about a song called Red Flag, which seems to be about those moments in relationships that we should recognise as warning signs. Gwen was then asked for any advice for those seeing those warning signs in their relationship.

“I am not sure I am the right person to be giving advice, but what I did learn from everything I went through this past year is that you have to be true to yourself.”

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Gwen Stefani on New Album, Dating & More
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Gwen Stefani on New Album, Dating & More
Gwen Stefani talks on her new album, dating and more.