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MHS Clinic

“Baldness is a choice” now that Dr Sam van Eeden and his team at the HR Institute and MHS Clinic in Dublin have created the gold standard for Hair Restoration & Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Dr Sam van Eeden is a qualified Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery. Along with his Hair Restoration team in Dublin, Ireland, they are one of the leading hair restoration clinics in Europe. Dr van Eeden is the Medical Director of the Hairloss Restoration Institute (HR Institute) and the Micro Hair Simulation Clinic (MHS®). The clinics provide the most up to date and modern advances in both surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair loss.

Successful modern hair restoration with excellent natural results requires a combination of different treatment options and techniques. Choosing the correct combination and performing the most appropriate treatment for each individual’s hair loss is the key to a successful treatment plan.

The MHS Clinic was established as the first doctor-led Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic in Ireland and the United Kingdom in July 2013. This exciting new treatment was approved and supported by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and offers a great non-surgical solution to many hair loss sufferers who may not necessarily be suitable for surgical intervention.

The Clients

About 60% of the HR Institute client base is from outside Ireland. The incredible standard of best practice, historic reputation of excellence, friendly staff and ease of access to the services have made the HR Institute a popular centre of treatment for clients from around the globe. Dr van Eeden and his team are experienced in welcoming clients from the USA, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Brazil and the UK

Arriving in Dublin, you will be collected at the airport and transported to the clinic — just 15 minutes away, located in one of the most beautiful traditional Irish villages, Malahide. With Malahide Castle within walking distance from the clinic and with several beautiful hotels, you can enjoy the best of Irish tradition and have a pint of Guinness while you relax post-op. The clinic is located in the dead centre of the village and your doctor will be in daily communication with you to monitor your progress.

Who is the ideal client for SMP?
SMP is suitable for nearly all forms of hair loss as well as thinning of hair, and is ideal for clients who do not like the idea of an invasive procedure. SMP isn’t particularly suitable for people with moderate to advanced hair loss who want to sport longer hair if the thinning is too advanced and the scalp would be too exposed. Also, natural blondes or redheads may not be suitable candidates. However enquiries should be made with the MHS Clinic in any case as there are other options available to those not suitable for SMP, and the experts at MHS/ HR Institute will be able to provide all of the information on these treatments.

How long does a treatment take?
Both the non-invasive SMP and surgical FUE procedures take a full day. SMP requires a second or even third treatment as appropriate. Dr van Eeden and his team pride themselves on achieving natural-looking and long-lasting results, and spending the time that this warrants.

How long does the FUE – Hair Restoration results last?
FUE – HR is permanent and for life. Follicles on the balding area have a genetic predisposition to miniaturise and eventually stop growing, but donor hair transplanted to the recipient area does not contain the “bald” gene and grows for life . With basic care and maintenance you can change your appearance, improve your confidence, and your hair loss worries become a thing of the past.

How quickly after the FUE HR procedure can you expect results?
With the latest advancements in HR surgery, and with the expert experience of Dr van Eeden and his team, combined with an aftercare program and maintenance schedule specially developed at the HR Institute, the clinic has managed to achieve spectacular results with higher success rates and shorter recovery times. In general a FUE transplant should create a significant difference between 6-9 months, and optimal results are seen by 18 months. Over this period of time clients can expect to see new growth of hair at any stage. Each individual will differ in terms of growth rates and times. The most difficult part of HR surgery is waiting for the results!

How quickly after the SMP procedure can you expect results?
Results from the SMP are immediate and for most, life changing. Appearance and confidence are restored straight away, although to enhance the treatment, for a slightly darker effect, or to customise the look to personal requirements, a second treatment is usually required.

What do you have to say to someone contemplating FUE or SMP?
Baldness is now a choice. Hair restoration offers a compelling solution to resolve hair loss. The HR Institute and MHS Clinic, led by Dr van Eeden, strive to bring the highest levels of Hair Restoration treatments to everybody. Give them a call, and begin your own journey.