Hannah Hart, AKA MyHarto, Talks Youtube Fame

Hannah Hart, who is better known as MyHarto, is one of YouTube’s biggest stars with an impressive 2,271,266 subscribers. We all know that she and fellow Youtuber Ingrid Nilson recently went public with their relationship, and now, Hannah has spoken about her unexpected rise to YouTube fame.

While Hannah hasn’t reached the dizzying heights of lets player PewDiePie (39,440,611 subscribers), almost three million is not something to be sneezed at. And yet, according to what Hannah had to say to Diva, it was all a happy accident.

It all began when Hannah moved from San Francisco to New York, and then made a video for a friend back home and uploaded it to YouTube. Until this moment, she had no idea of the massive communities that are on YouTube, as she said: “Then I discovered that YouTube was actually a place where people went to view content. Not just a service you use to send a video.”

Then, Hannah found that the comments section for the first episode of her long running series, My Drunk Kitchen, had exploded. That’s when the huge potential of YouTube really hit home.

Hannah said: “People were like, ‘This is my new favourite show on YouTube!’ and I was like, ‘Show on YouTube? What are they talking about?’ It was then I realised there was this entire underground ecosystem of entertainers and content creators living inside this world I had no idea was there.”

“It’s a little bit weird, to become a famous person. I can’t say it’s the most natural feeling in the world but  I don’t think it should be, either.”

Some you might be wondering, just what is her secret? This is a question that almost every popular Youtuber gets asked, and I don’t think any of them has an answer. However, Hannah’s reply is definitely a good tip for anyone who wants to try their hand at YouTube stardom: “It’s just hard work and consistency. Being open to risk and making yourself vulnerable and staying with it.”

You can read the rest of her interview, here and check out Hannah’s channel here.