Happy June 1st: Cool Stuff That’s Happened On This Date In History

We thought it would be fun if we kicked off June by taking a look at some of the interesting and entertaining events that have taken place on this day in history!


  • 1967—The Beatles release Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in the US, which goes Gold quickly.
  • 1974– The Heimlich maneuver, which was just invented to save the life of choking victims, is published in the journal of Emergency Medicine.
  • 1979– Los Angeles passes its first homosexual rights bill!
  • 1980– CNN, Cable News Network, airs for the first time, changing the landscape of television news forever.


  • 1996– Woody Harrelson was arrested for planting hemp seeds in Kentucky to protest the state law that did not distinguish between industrial hemp and marijuana


  • 1999– British singer Dido introduces her debut album, “No Angel”, in America.
  • 2007– Jack Kevorkian is released from jail after committing second-degree murder in the 1998 assisted death of a man from Oakland County, Michigan.


  • 2007– Smoking is banned from public spots in the United Kingdom’s.
  • 2008 –Universal Studios Hollywood catches fire, ruining many attractions such as the clock tower from Back to the Future and the King Kong exhibit on the studio tour.
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Happy June 1st: Cool Stuff That’s Happened On This Date In History
We provide a run-down of interesting things that have happened on June 1st in history.