Harry Styles helps fan come out

Photo: Twitter

One Direction star Harry Styles helped a fan come out to her mother during a concert in San Jose, Texas.

The fan, Grace, was waving a banner which read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you.”

Styles picked Grace out from the crowd and, after congratulating her, asked her where her mother, Tina, was.

When being told that she was in a nearby hotel, Styles led the entire audience in shouting out, “Tina, she’s gay!”

Grace shared a video of the concert with her mother.

After the concert, Grace tweeted: “I showed my mom the videos from tonight. She is overjoyed and says that “Yes, I do love you and you can be whoever you want to be.” She wants to thank Harry for helping me come out and she has decided to come to LA Night 1 with me 🙂 Thank you @Harry_Styles”

Later she tweeted: “@Harry_Styles Thank you so much for creating an environment where I am proud to be who I am. Your continuous support of the LGBTQ+ has helped me come to love myself and feel safe. Thank you for tonight and I can’t wait to show Tina (my mom) this video. Love you always.”

Styles has long been a supporter of LGBT+ rights and his LGBT+ supporters, and has often performed on stage waving the rainbow and trans flags.