Heather Peace on London Pride & More

Heather Peace should need no introduction, she has done a lot of things over the years. She recently performed at London Pride, and as been confirmed as headliner for the upcoming LFest.

She also had a prominent role as Nikki Boston in Waterloo Road, as well as producing music for a long time.

Heather recently sat down with GayTimes to discuss a few things, including London Pride and a few other things.

Firstly, she discussed how audiences differ from location, and whether or not this applied to Pride audiences.

They don’t differ so much with Pride audiences, maybe that’s because we are such an international community. It’s always a very positive crowd. They don’t sit back and wait to be impressed; they want to have a great time so they are willing you to be good. If you weren’t good and had a howler they’d probably still be positive!”

Lastly, she discussed the younger generation of the LGBT community, and how recent events may have galvanised them to take a more active role within the community.

“You become more active when things are unjust or make you angry and obviously we have made such massive progression over the last few years. For the younger generation, maybe they haven’t necessarily experienced the injustices of mine or, more so, the generation before mine.
But now we are looking at other issues such as prejudices towards the trans community or injustices elsewhere in the world and it totally feels like they’re getting involved.”

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Heather Peace on London Pride & More
Article Name
Heather Peace on London Pride & More
Heather Peace has spoken on London Pride and more in a recent interview.