Henry Rollins Slams North Carolina Governor Over HB2

North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bathroom bill has gained a lot of deserved notoriety and hate, as it is easily one of the most awful anti-trans and anti-LGBT bills in existence in the United States.

Henry Rollins is a man of many hats, as he is an actor,  spoken word artist, activist and former frontman of the band Black Flag. He recently spoke very openly against the North Carolina governor, Pat McCrory, and the awful HB2.

As you all probably know, the list of companies and celebrities who have boycotted the state by cancelling expansion plans, or in the case of many musicians, cancelled appearances, is only getting longer.

Rollins spoke against the bill in a new op-ed piece for LA Weekly, where he wrote: “I can’t see McCrory and his staff wondering out loud if their thick-skulled, cracker logic might result in Bruce Springsteen not only canceling his upcoming show in Greensboro, depriving the state of revenue and its residents of a Springsteen concert, but inspiring Mr. Boss to issue a press release that more people have read than will ever peruse House Bill 2.”

“HB2 is now law. There is no ‘walking it back.’ If McCrory eventually caves and tries to repeal it, everyone will know it’s because he values money over his homophobia, which he has poorly disguised as moral rectitude and common sense. Either way he’s f***ed. If I were him, I wouldn’t feel all that put out by Springsteen’s cancellation as much as I would fear PayPal scrapping its plans to locate a new operations center in his state. PayPal is bigger than any governor.”

“It is almost impossible to describe how beautiful North Carolina is. For a few summers, I was shipped off there to live in a tent at a summer camp. Each day, we were given chores. Milking cows, feeding chickens, getting beetles off the vegetables. Since the late 1960s, I have always had an affection for N.C. Judging from the people of the state I have met over almost 50 years, I can’t believe they are pleased with House Bill 2. They probably are wondering how they got to where they are now.”

“While I have nothing but respect for Bruce Springsteen, I wish he had not canceled the show. I wish he had spoken to the thousands of people who were there about what had just happened to the greatness of their state, then told them where he was donating all that money. The cancellation, in a way, allows McCrory to end the conversation, which I think should be just beginning.”

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Henry Rollins Slams North Carolina Governor Over HB2
Article Name
Henry Rollins Slams North Carolina Governor Over HB2
Henry Rollins has slammed North Carolina governor Pat McCrory over HB2.