High School Principal Suspended for Treatment of Transgender Student

Assistant Principal Lee Livengood of Liberty High School in West Virginia could be looking at an indefinite suspension without pay for allegedly telling a transgender student to “prove” he was able to use the urinal in the boys bathroom. The incident happened on November 27th, and Livengood was suspended with pay until the end of the semester. According to the Associated Press, the school board met today to consider whether that will become an indefinite suspension without pay. Livengood allegedly confronted the 15-year-old, Michael Critchfield, as he was exiting a stall in the boys bathroom. Mark Manchin, the Harrison County’s schools superintendent, was quoted in the Charleston Gazette-Mail saying, “The consensus was (Livengood) handled it incorrectly and he was contrite and apologetic. He did confront him in the restroom, that’s not in question. Inappropriately, by the way, and we recognize that and we’re addressing that.”