Highlight Photos from Manchester Pride 2016

Many of you undoubtedly attended Manchester Pride and enjoyed the festivities, but for those you that didn’t, here are a few highlight photos from the pride parade.

The first image I want to highlight is of  the Lord Mayor Carl-Austin Behan, the first openly gay mayor of Manchester, in a pink robe made specially for the occasion.


The CEO of Manchester Pride said:  “Today we’ve seen some of the most inspired and inspirational parade entries ever. It has been the longest parade that Manchester Pride has ever organised and the city has yet again come out to celebrate and support the many LGBT people that live in this brilliant city.”

You can see the rest of the images in a gallery below, with thanks to downatthesocial.co.uk. Have you followed us on Facebook and Twitter?

Highlight Photos from Manchester Pride 2016
Article Name
Highlight Photos from Manchester Pride 2016
Here are some highlight photos from Manchester Pride 2016!