Hints of lesbian affair in Emmerdale

Hints of a lesbian affair in Emmerdale Emmerdale characters Charity and Megan (c) ITV

Actress Emma Atkins has hinted that her character Charity Dingle in the long-running soap may have a lesbian affair with Megan Macey, played by Gaynor Faye.
The pair are currently involved in a love triangle with Frank Clayton played by Michael Praed.
However, speaking to the Daily Star Emma teased that a lesbian relationship with Gaynor’s character might be on the cards.
“We’ve been given some dialogue today where we have said: ‘Where is this going?'” she said. “I’m not afraid of it going in that direction. I do believe you can fall in love with a person no matter what gender.
“It wouldn’t bother me. She should connect with anyone, male or female. Us coming together in some shape of form is interesting because there’s so much we don’t like about one another. And yet we have come together because we’re practically family.”

Gaynor agreed, saying that “anything could happen”.

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