Homophobic Attacks Rose after Brexit Vote

Following the controversial vote for Brexit, the number of homophobic attacks doubled in the UK.

These figures were found by the LGBT anti-violence charity Galop, who discovered that hate crimes against LGBT people increased a shocking 147% between July and September this year. Galop’s research also found that 4 out 5 LGBT people had experienced a hate crime.

A quarter of them experienced a violent hate crime, a third experienced a hate crime online, and a tenth experienced sexual violence as part of a hate crime. This is especially worrisome when you couple it with the find that a quarter of these people wouldn’t report the crimes in the future, due to a fear of not being taken seriously.

Also, the charity gave direct support to more people after the Brexit vote, as they helped 187 in comparison to 72 in the same period last year.

There was also a spike in hate crimes against ethnic minorities and foreign nationals after the vote to leave the EU. We are expecting a hate crime report from the Home Office which will cover figures up to April 2016.

However, they are also expected to address the post-Brexit spike in an addendum.

Galop’s study looked at 467 LGBT people, and also found low satisfaction with police treatment. Many of their interviewees said they felt they didn’t get appropriate treatment and wouldn’t report a hate crime in the future.

Galop’s chief executive, Nik Noone, had this to say: “Our ambition is that this report educates, raises awareness and gives insight into experiences of hate crime, support services and the criminal justice system. We must ensure that the UK remains a world leader in tackling anti-LGBT hate crime.”

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Homophobic Attacks Rose after Brexit Vote
Article Name
Homophobic Attacks Rose after Brexit Vote
Following the Brexit vote in the UK, homophobic attacks rose shockingly high.